I am a total list maker. I always have been. I have learned over the years how important it is to write down my goals. It is essential for me running my business to have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly priorities/goals and to write them down. I can’t even imagine my life without writing things down. (or putting them into my phone). I would seriously forget everything! Especially once mom brain kicked in when I was pregnant. Oh Em Gee….just ask Chris. Sometimes I can’t even explain myself…LOL.

This has carried into my personal life as well. Having a bucket list of my own. Making time to try new things. I really value my list of personal goals. For so many reasons. It is so important. (And it doesn’t have to be January 1st to start). You can start today! I wanted to write this blog post to remind people how important it is to have goals. It can seriously be a small goal to finish in a day, or a big goal to finish in a year. The list can have 2 things on it, or 20. But getting them down is the first step….and a crucial one at that! Even if you get them down and forget about them for a little while….your subconscious has not forgotten about it. You will start to make decisions to achieve these goals even though you may or may not realize it yet.

It is important because it will force you to be specific about what it is you want for your life. It can be so simple or not so much. You decide. But writing down your goals is a start. It forces you to think about the next step. Whatever it may be. If you are feeling a bit lost, it can give you direction, focus, and clarity. It can remind you of the things you love and to remember to focus on them. Doing what we love makes us happy, and I think that’s a pretty common goal we all have. Am I right?

When you write things down, you are essentially throwing that energy into the universe. Have you heard of the saying “Ask and you shall receive?” Well, it is true my friends. When you manifest things, they become true if you set them into motion. Of course you will encounter challenges of completing your goals, but by writing them down you don’t lose sight of the task at hand.

I think the most important thing for me is when I write something down, it clears my brain for more important things instead of having to remember what to pick up at the grocery store. 🙂

One of my goals this year is to start making my own beauty products. It’s been so fun and incredibly easy!! It’s a good feeling putting things you like into motion. 🙂

I challenge you to write down your goals. Go ahead, try it! See what happens!! 😉
Much love always,