I would like you to meet Melissa. (pictured below) She is AMAZING. She is a local Michigan clothing designer and the talent behind Mended. Her work is so unique and each piece she creates is totally different from the next. No two items are the same. She shops thrifts stores and anywhere she can find second hand pieces. She then re-works each dress or shirt she finds into something beautiful and unexpected. Her eye for color, texture and design is something to be admired. She has a degree in architecture, although her passion lies in sewing and creating clothing and handbags. I absolutely love showcasing local businesses in Michigan. In the images below, you will find samples of her work. Unique and fun color combinations as well as her line of vintage handbags. You can visit her website here. She sells her purses and bags in her etsy shop and you can find her one of a kind dresses at most local craft shows and fairs like DYI street fair in Ferndale, Detroit Urban craft fair, Chelsea Sounds and Sights festival and Berkley art Bash.  Look for her Mended booth.  I am so excited to feature her work!  And a big thank you to the models who wore Melissa’s dresses.  It was such a fun and laid back shoot and we had great weather!  Yay!