I think there are some things almost every person has in common. Finding balance in our lives might be one of those things. Maintaining a home, being a parent, working, cooking, cleaning, spending time with family/friends, doing things you love, etc. As I get older and more commitments pile on my plate, I do my best everyday to find that “balance.” To be honest…..before I had Lucy, I feel like I only knew one speed. Go, go go. My work has kept me very busy over the years (so incredibly grateful for that), but the one thing that taught me the most about balance is becoming a mom. Oddly enough….it has taught me to slow down. I have definitely changed a few things over the last year and half of my life to try and maintain a better balance.

Some of the things I have done to help free up some of my time are:

1. Hire someone to clean my house sometimes…best money ever spent!
2. I have to be really strict with myself with my hours. Working from home is sometimes hard because you never really have that separation, so I have to set hours for myself when I am done for the day. That has helped a ton!
3. Read everyday. I really love to read. I try to set aside a half hour to an hour before bed each night to read. I’m kind of addicted to the ibooks on my ipad. 😉 It definitely helps me unwind and relax.
4. My exercises now involve Lucy. I struggled finding time for the gym with Lucy being so young, so now when I want to get moving, I just pick exercises where I can bring her. We go walking, running with the stroller, visiting the park, exploring outside, or even dancing in the living room to our favorite songs. She is a big Jimi Hendrix fan. 🙂

I am curious as to what others have done in their life to help find that balance. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear it!

And this is kind of off subject, but I was pretty excited when I could start putting Lucy’s hair in pigtails! 😀 They are small, but oh so cute!