One of the many things on my bucket list includes creating a picture book of dogs. No words. Just pictures. With lots of doggie smiles, doggie jumps, and doggie wags. A coffee book of sorts. No discrimination on color or breed. It can be any dog, young or old. I have wanted to create a dog book for so long, and I decided that 2013 was going to be my year to do this! I want it for little babies to look at. I want to donate profits to a local rescue. I want to give it away to some local businesses. I am not quite sure how it will all unfold, but I am okay with that. I figure just as long as I start somewhere, it will happen the way it is supposed to. 🙂

I love dogs so much, and am so excited to be doing this!  It’s a personal project I am happy to cross off.  I think it will be so much to fun photograph and make.  I am totally okay with getting dirty and drooled on.  LOL

If you are interested in having your dog be included in my book, please keep reading!!

So what do I need from YOU?

Your dog!! Yourself. Some treats, a few of your dog’s favorite toys, and about 20 minutes of your time.

When?? Appointments will be every half hour on April 5th from 3-5pm and April 6th from 10am-1pm.

Where?? April 5th: George George Park in Clinton Twp and April 6th at Stoney Creek Park.


Spots are extremely limited. Sign up here!! This is on a first come, first serve basis, and the only way to reserve your spot is to sign up using this link.  I will be photographing each dog in 20 minute increments, so slots are every half hour.  The cost is free, and will include 2-3 of my favorite images of your fur baby emailed to you as a thank you as well as their lovely face gracing the pages of my book. More details on that when it’s created!! Once everyone is signed up, I will email you with more details about location and what you need to do or bring.

Please note: These are not dog parks. They are dog friendly parks. They are busy parks with lots of families and children around. Please keep your dogs on leashes.  I don’t expect them to be free roaming. I plan on taking lots of close ups, and am excited to see their tricks!

Thank you to everyone for your consideration! Tell your friends!