Now that we are into November, many people stop to reflect on things they are grateful for. One of the many things I appreciate in my life is Anna. She is a very big part of E.C. Campbell Photography, and I would like to take the time to introduce her. 🙂

She started interning for me a few years ago. I cried the day she was done. She went on to finish her degree at Oakland University, and I hired her a little over a year ago. What does she do here in the studio? Many, many things. Mostly, she is my in-house editor. She preps my sessions for me and then I finish them. She also helps with packaging, shipping, design, as well as assisting me on shoots and weddings. Some of you may recognize her!! She is a TOTAL SWEETHEART, with a heart of gold. She pretty much keeps me sane. She is here with me a few days a week. Everyone in my house loves her. Lucy pretends to talk to Anna on the phone when she is not here, and Onyx sleeps next to her in my office on days we are editing.

Anna assists and works for a few other photographers in the area as well, and I think we all see something very special within her as we watch her grow her own business.

Anna….from my family to yours….we love you!!