I can’t tell you exactly why I always thought I would have a daughter with green eyes like me, but I just did. Right around the time she was 6 months old and we finally knew for sure her eyes were going to be brown like her daddy’s, I made peace with it 😉 LOL And boy let me tell you….those eyes are hard to say no to. Ha! I think we have this perception of how our kids are going to be like or what personality traits they will have, but as they grow we realize they might be nothing as we expected. They are born with a distinct personality, and it unfolds layer by layer everyday. It’s exciting to see what they gravitate to and what they don’t. She is one of the busiest children I’ve ever known, and I love her for it. The second she wakes up….she walks me to the door and says…”peeze, peeze, peeze, peeze” as she points outside. Man, that girl loves to play and be outdoors. She also loves to read and say hi to everyone we meet. It’s craaaaazy how fast she is growing. Every day she says more words or does things I’ve never seen her do. It’s awesome. Her 18 month photos are a collection of images that I took over the last month. We spent a lot of time in northern Michigan during the month of July, so many were taken up north. Enjoy! 🙂