It was very awesome being pregnant with one of my best friends. Something that was not planned at all….and we ended up telling each other on the same day. We were due within one week of each other, and Lucy and Gabi ended up being born 3 days apart. It’s been fun experiencing things together, and often at the exact same time. Now we call each other with “what are you feeding lucy? what are you feeding gabi?” I can only imagine our talks 20 years from now. 🙂

So we thought it would be special and appropriate to have their one year portrait session together. 🙂 I headed to Kelly’s house on a cold, beautiful, winter day and we had some fun!

The beautiful tutu Lucy is wearing is from I have to thank my friend Jen for telling me about it. So pretty!

Side note: Lucy does this thing…it’s hilarious. We call it “getting Lucy excited.” She puts her hands as fists in the air and shakes her head everytime that girl loves something. OMG it’s the cutest!! She is doing it in the first picture. It’s so her!

And stay tuned….Lucy’s 1st birthday party is coming next!