I am excited to blog part I of my lavender field adventures! Part II will be blogged in the coming weeks. My love for this flower runs deep, and when I first heard about Indigo Lavender Farm in Imlay City, I contacted the owner right away to set something up for this year. Now, trying to set aside dates for this was a tricky balance to do months in advance. To try and predict when a flower will be in bloom is a moving target for sure. You never know what mother nature has in store. And unpredictable she was. With winter practically still here until the very end of April, it delayed the growing season by a few weeks. When my first date for these mini sessions arrived, there was definitely lavender in bloom, but only one small section of the farm. Beautiful backdrops everywhere though and the weather was just perfect this particular evening. The lavender in bloom in these photos are called Big Time Blue. The stems are not super long in this variety, but the smell is amazing. Everyone learned about lavender that day, and seeing the kids enjoying the field and smelling the flowers…well….let’s just say I left with a full heart. I did end up opening up a second date a few weeks later to be able to take photos in a different field as well. Those photos will come at a later date. I am excited to share these highlights with you below! Enjoy!!