(I am handing my blog post over to one of my BFF’s today. Britta recently got married and wanted to share some tips on how to go about changing your name. I thought it could be super helpful!! I am also posting some sneak peaks of her in her wedding dress we photographed in some Christmas lights. Thanks to Ashley and Kathy for helping me out this night! Without further ado…)

I’m married…now what?

The first thing many of us do after getting married is change our name. My husband (bless him) thought this change was instantaneous. He had no clue what I needed to do and I found out I didn’t either. So I asked my married friends and my mom what I needed to do first and was greeted with the same answer “I don’t remember what I did”. Gee thanks!

I embarked on this list of items for my fellow woman who has no clue. This list is my “lessons learned” as I did not go about it in this order. I wasted a few hours of time and found out that I forgot to do a couple things along the way too.

So keep calm and refer to this list as you have a few more things to do after you say “I do”.

1. Make sure license is sent to county.
My grandfather (our minister) gave me a copy the night of the wedding…this, my friend, is just a Souvenir. Grandpa (or you or your officiant) needs to send one of the copies to the county.

2. Wait a week for shipping and processing. The county I live in had it processed pretty quickly after receiving it.

3. Go online to order license with seal (usually 10 days to process and then ship to you) OR drive up to the county building (same place you went before the wedding) to receive a pretty copy right away. I called ahead to ensure the county had my license processed before I drove out there.

4. However you obtained the license, take it to the Social Security office for a new card. I had unnecessary dread for this step. I went just after the lunch hour and found it pretty quick. Just a note, their office hours are 9am-3pm.

5. 24 hours after your visit to the Social Security office, “the system” is updated at the Secretary Of State (or DMV). If you only have one day off, get a letter from Social Security to take to SOS. The kind lady informed me it proves to SOS that I did step 4.

6. Start calling credit cards.

7. Update your status at work. Maybe an address change, health insurance change and any other HR related items need to change due to the new union.

8. Change car insurance/home owners/utilities/phone.

9. Change your Delta miles, hotel points and other rewards programs.

10. You’ll find that you forgot something down the road. Keep your old ID, marriage license and all other docs in a fireproof safe at home for safe keeping.

Enjoy your new name!