You may recognize this sweet bride. Not only do we share the same name, but we photograph a lot together. She is the incredible talent behind E.Ribant Photography! I had the utmost honor of traveling to Asheville, NC this past April to photograph their surprise wedding. Yes… read that right. A surprise wedding. How in the world did they pull this off you ask? Elissa and Sage love the mountains. They hike a lot there and told their family they eloped in the mountains a few days prior to everyone coming into town town for their reception. As everyone was seated, Sage’s brother (who married them) announced to family and friends that they were actually there for a wedding ceremony in addition to the reception. Elissa popped out from a door in the back of the room and walked down the aisle. It was the sweetest thing I had ever seen. I definitely had tears rolling down my face. Rewind to earlier in the day……Elissa and Sage still wanted mountain photos, so they got ready together in the morning and had a first look in their backyard. Then we adventured about 20 minutes up the mountain in a cloud. It was super foggy that day, but it added such an amazing element to their photos. Their wedding was so intimate and personal and the families blended together with so much love. I am grateful beyond words for documenting this day. Enjoy a few of my favorites below!!