From the first few minutes I talked to Daniele on the phone, I knew I just adored her. We talked all about her and Derek’s sky diving adventures and life and her upcoming wedding. Getting to know these two throughout the process has been nothing short of joyful, and I was so excited when their wedding day finally arrived. They are just a perfect match, and I was so honored to have photographed their day! My favorite moments from the day included when Daniele opened up the letters Derek and her bridesmaids had written to her, their first look in the harbor, the sheer joy and love everyone showed them all day long, and photographing at sunset. I hope you enjoy some of the highlights from their day below!

Vendors: E.C. Campbell Photography//Castle Farms//Sarah Rhodes Boyce//Bloom//Rusch Entertainment//Fairytale Productions//Blushed Beauty//Rachael Isobel (2nd photographer)