Nolan (6 months)

Sweet little Nolan is 6 months now! Halfway through his first year. He has grown so much since his newborn session. We met in the morning on this day and the lighting was beautiful at Van Hoosen Farms. I am excited to see him again when he turns 1!!

Keane (6 months)

Lisa and Bryan welcomed baby Keane into the world on Halloween of last year. (my favorite holiday!!) He is coming up to the 6 month mark this week. One of my favorite ages! I visited them in Traverse City a short time ago. It is always good to see them…..this...

Joshua Ryan (6 months)

I love the chubby baby 6 month stage!! Ahhh!! I am pretty sure the ones in just the diapers always end up being my favorites when you see all their little wrinkles. This little peanut is halfway through his first year. He is beyond adorable!